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"Alan, just wanted to thank you for a great book sensitively written."

Joe W - Colorado

"Alan, just wanted to let you know, your practical tips are right on the money. Thank you for sharing them. Wonderful book"

Leslie M - Utah

"Alan, your book should be required reading for every parent and professional involved in teaching these special children"

Alice M - Australia

"Mr Yau, your book has helped turn what I thought was the worst thing that could happen into the most enriching experience of our lives"

Mrs E Jay - NYC

"Hey Alan, gotta say your PowerPoint teaching aids are somethin else buddy. So simple but so effective. Worth the cover price on thier own. Good job"

N Ryan - Florida

"Dr Alan*, I was skeptical but we found you book so useful. I simply couldn't put it down. We noticed a difference after only a few days"

W Ocata - SA

* I am NOT and never claim to be a doctor but have left comment as received - Alan

Learn PROVEN Teaching Skills for Autistic Children

Tips for parents and teachers about educating children with Autism which I GUARANTEE will get you amazing results within just 30 days.

Using brand new techniques developed during my 10 years practical classroom experience, I'll show how you can kick start your child’s education TODAY..... for less than you probably spent on their last birthday treat.

Dear Parent or Teacher,

My name is Alan Yau and I have been working with children with Autism for over a decade.

I head up the Autistic unit at a primary school in North London in the UK where I am responsible for teaching 18 children across the whole Autistic spectrum.

I want to share some practical tips based upon my real life experience in the classroom which will help you get results in less than a month.

autism teacher
"Results in less than a month - or your money back"

Alan Yau

Autism and medical information overload

As someone with responsibility for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) you may feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of medical information and contradictory opinions on how best to educate them.

Chances are you are grappling with some of the following questions and challenges:


Teaching reading to children with Autistic spectrum disorder.


Calming a child with ASD.


Dealing with aggressive behavior in high functioning Autistic children.

Perhaps you have just been told that your child may be Autistic and simply don’t know what being Autistic means and where to look for help?

Maybe your child has not even been diagnosed as having Autism but you would like more information before seeking a medical opinion.

Many parents seek out the following information:


What is Autism and what are the treatments for it?


Autism Symptoms checklist, the 20 signs of Autism


Parental reaction to an Autism diagnosis

There have been many scholarly (and well meaning) works written on these subjects but I take a more 'shop floor' approach - I have to, I am surrounded by autistic kids all day, not post-graduates.

After reading Alan Yau's ebooks, "How to teach your autistic child" and "The bigger picture", it's fantastic to know this man has so much compassion and empathy for the understanding of autistic children that after teaching them for a decade he wants to share his knowledge and strategies to people who really need comprehensive and clearly written information.

It covers just about everything a parent/teacher needs to know to get a grip on understanding an autistic childs mind and how they make sense of their world.

The further reading section offers additional info which I have accessed and found to be really useful. The message is have strategies in place for your child to feel safe and secure, look beyond the autism and let the fun begin.

Jane Shaw, Essex (UK)

The need for clear PRACTICAL advice

I am not a doctor and, although I have a degree, hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and have been on a string of courses on teaching Autistic Children, I don’t consider myself an academic.

teaching child autism

I promise I am not going to blind you with science or medical jargon.

Over the years, I have discovered that despite what many clinicians & health professionals may tell you, some techniques just work better than others.

Sometimes the ones which work the best are not based on established medical theory or research.

There’s always been a tendency to just concentrate on the differences between Autistic children and so-called “normal” children. I challenge this approach as I find it unhelpful and divisive.

Whilst it’s true that Autistic children have special needs and characteristics, at the end of the day, autistic children are CHILDREN FIRST and AUTISTIC SECOND. Let's NEVER forget that.

There are many more similarities between Autistic children and other children than there are differences. Once you understand which differences are the important ones, the whole process gets easier - and I mean *much* easier.

You see, I have found that the key which unlocks the potential of children with Autism is the same key which unlocks any child’s potential and it can be summed up in just one word, and that word writ large is...

autism engagement


... To use an old cliché, “It’s not rocket science”. Once you get a child’s full attention and work out how to engage with them, the learning process is so much faster for them and so much more rewarding for you.

autistic child

The challenge is overcoming the barriers which Autism can present to the engagement process. I will show you how to smash those barriers and get close to your child like never before.

I want you to understand that I am not talking about text book theories.

The methods which I advocate are practical, down-to-earth and really work. I KNOW my techniques work because I use them myself - EVERY SINGLE DAY.

They work because they allow you to engage with your child and are therefore fun for them ... and for you too!

autistic activity

No cure for autism but there's plenty we can do

As yet there is no outright cure for Autism but there are certainly plenty of things which can be done to make living with an Autistic child much easier for parents and teachers whilst helping the child to realize their full potential.

All of this information is contained in my fully illustrated, 60+ page ebook - “How to Teach your Autistic Child”.

autism ebook

Tips for parents

Tips for teachers

Real life experiences

Case study examples

Coping strategies

Unique teaching methods

Developed over 10 years

Now in its Second Edition, here's just some of the areas covered:


What is Autism - "The Triad of Impairments"


Autism vs Asperger syndrome - What are the differences?


Symptoms of autistic infants- The 20 things to look out for


Autistic classroom schedule - What's the best way to teach in class?


Teaching - How to teach reading & numeracy skills at home or at school


Famous people with Autism - Some very talented & gifted people who are sufferers

In addition, you’ll find sections on both coping and teaching which will be valuable for parents and teachers alike.

Here's Everything You Get With This eBook

Inside, "How to Teach your Autistic Child” you will find the following sections written using plain, jargon-free English based on my 10 years of practical classroom experience NOT academic theory:




What is Autism and What are the Treatments for it?

Asperger Syndrome

Autism Symptoms Checklist

20 Common Signs of Autism

Parental Reaction to Autism

Famous People with Autism


Parenting tips - Sure fire ways to make living with Autism easier for you both.

Intensive Play – Building Trust and Relatedness. Emma's story.

Clear and High Expectations - Johnny & Steven demonstrate the importance of boundaries.

Make it Visual - Maggie learns her schedule

Aggressive Behavior - lack of communication

Gradual Changes

Distraction or Diversion - At over 6 feet tall, Tim was a big challenge.

Calming a Child with ASD

Teaching “No …”

Teaching “Wait”

Teaching “Functional Communication” - How we stopped Mark climbing.

If All Else Fails - Alex learns to wait

Obsessive Behavior Signs - Fred's twigs, Carl's beads & Derek's ropes.

Sleep - 15 tips for a good night's rest.

Coping Skills for Children with ASD - We all need a break


General Teaching Strategies

Repetition - Familiarity & interest

Keep your language simple

Social Demands on Learning

Non-typical development and uneven skills profiles

Teach one new thing at a time

Teaching Reading to Children with ASD - Oliver's, potato chips & chocolate bars

Language Goals

Teaching About Numbers

Using Computers
Some suggestions for the computer


Behavioral Interventions

The Son-Rise Program



Final Thoughts

Suggestions for Further Reading


Real life examples and full-color high-resolution photographs are used throughout to illustrate the results you can expect.

"How to Teach your Autistic Child" is packed with useful real life tips & you can download the ebook to your computer within minutes.

Dear Alan,

Firstly, thank you. I would like to call your ebook a 'practical handbook for beginners'. No jargons, simply written... great for beginners.

I completely agree with you on the following points:

Reaching the child through play - this has been a highly successful approach with me.

Working with children in their home setting - provides valuable information about the child.

Thinking of the child as a child first, labels can follow - helps understand the child as an indiviual, get to know about their strengths and weaknesses - sometimes unique to them.

Mitali Purohit

My motivation for writing this book is simple. When I first started caring for and teaching children with Autism, I searched for a book like this but one didn't exist.

I want you and your child to benefit from my experience today and that's why I am offering the following incentive to purchase now instead of later.

Order before 1st January 2020 and receive the following Super Bonuses completely FREE of charge.

Super Bonus #1 - FREE Software Teaching aids worth $37

For a limited time only I am GIVING AWAY the very same software audio-visual teaching aids which I use every day in the classroom. Featuring my recorded voice, they're the next best thing to having me teach your child personally.

These unique audio-visual software teaching aids provide activities to train your child to complete skills such as letter and number recognition.

free autism teaching materials

Alan Yau's class using his software teaching aids to recognize numbers.

It's a fact: Most children with autism love using computers. As you can see from the picture above, my class find these lessons fascinating - Your child will too.

Here's what's covered:

autistic computer


Alphabet Letter Names

Presents the letters of the alphabet in order, and says the NAME of each letter as it appears.


Alphabet Letter Sounds

Presents the letters of the alphabet in order, but says the SOUND of each letter as it appears.


Alphabet Grid

All the letters presented together. The appearance of each letter is accompanied by the sound of a typewriter click.


Numbers 1-10

Presents the numbers 1 to 10 in order and says the NAME of each number as it appears on the screen.


Number Grid 11-50

As above for numbers 11 to 50.

autism lesson plans

You can't buy this software anywhere else as I developed it myself and do not sell it elsewhere .... at the moment.

I am currently working on a website to sell it as separate product. As soon as that site is finished, it will be withdrawn from this site and sold separately for $37 so ACT NOW and get it for free. You can download it right now.

Super Bonus #2 - "Autism, The Bigger Picture" worth $27.95

Caring for children with autism can be challenging for the whole family and can even put unexpected strains on your marriage. In this 50+ page ebook worth $27.95, I explore some of the wider aspects of autism, its impacts and how to cope.

Exploding autism stereotypes

Autistic children and marital strains

Coping with autistic teenagers

Growing up - from school to work

Autism and the power of music

Autism and self-harm

Plus much, much more!

Super Bonus #3 - FREE 1 month's email support worth $40

Every child is different. People who are new to teaching Autistic children often have questions which can't be covered in any book.

When I teach privately I normally charge $40 per hour but I am prepared to take a risk by offering you UNLIMITED support by email for 1 whole month after your purchase in case you have questions about your particular child.

As the parent of an 8 year old child with autism I would like to congratulate Alan Yau on the way he has approached and simplified all of the aspects contained in his book.

For parents who have just had their child diagnosed or like me who have been dealing with the condition for a number of years, the topics covered in this book are a comprehensive and invaluable guide which all parents will identify with and take heart from, unlike other publications which only further confuse the reader.

I hope everyone who reads this book will acknowledge the fact that Alan's dedication and commitment in his work is very highly valued and appreciated.

S. Hassan


Finally, here’s one last thing to remove any hesitation you might have about getting my ebook and improving your life and that of your child today:

I am so confident that you'll find the information in my book useful that I am backing it with my cast iron, hassle free,
3-year money back guarantee. No small print, no weasel words.

If, at any time during the next 3 years, you decide that you have not received sufficient value from my ebook, I will refund your money in full - Not only that, I insist you keep the ebook and bonuses as my gift to your child.

Download “How to Teach your Autistic Child” RIGHT NOW for only $47.95

Let's recap exactly what you are getting for your money:


60+ page "How to Teach your Autisic Child" ebook

Worth $47.95


5 Bonus software Teaching aids

Worth $37.00


50+ Page "Autism The Bigger Picture" ebook

Worth $27.95


1 month's email Q&A support

Worth $40.00 +


3 Year Money Back Guarantee



Total $152.90

Total package value over $150 but you pay just $47.95 for the whole bundle.

I sincerely hope you find the information in my ebook useful. Remember, your purchase is 100% risk free as it's fully covered by my 3 year money back guarantee.


p.s Make no mistake, what you’ll get here is the benefit of my 10 years practical experience. You are purchasing ORIGINAL CONTENT and valuable resources CREATED BY ME PERSONALLY which are NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE. Please don't get ripped off by others selling re-hashed materials which are copied or already in the public domain.

p.p.s.s. REMEMBER the FREE Teaching aids worth $37, the FREE bonus ebook "Autism, The Bigger Picture" worth $27.95 and the FREE 1 month's email support worth $40 will only be available until 1st January 2020 so order now to avoid disappointment.

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