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Autism symptoms checklist

10 Symptoms of autistic infants

Note: Children who exhibit these autistic characteristics are not necessarily suffering from autism however the following 10 traits are common in autistic infants.

* Failure to respond to their name
* Avoidance of eye contact
* Unresponsiveness to people
* Focusing intently on one item to the exclusion of everything else
* Focusing on details, e.g. spinning a wheel of a toy car
* Performing the same action or set of actions over and over again
* Insisting on watching the same video or part of a video again and again
* Repetitive movements such as rocking or twirling
* Self-injurious behavior, e.g. hand-biting or head-banging
* Delayed speech

In my e-book - "How to Teach Your Autistic Child" I discuss these symptoms, and others, in more detail.